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Suttons, Meyers and Athertons, Oh My!

Family portrait day at the beach! This session was with a great family we've known for a while. My wife and I went to school with Chris and Kim and we've had the opportunity to meet lots of their family. This session was with Kim's side of the family. Fair warning: there's lots of images here. We had such fun and came away with so many great images, I couldn't decide which ones to leave out (I love having that problem!).

We started out with a standard family portrait while the kids were still fresh and willing participants.

A building storm made an excellent backdrop for group shots near the dunes.

Chris with his young son Caleb. I just love how the blue sky matches their shirts, and the warmth of the setting sun balances the cool blue.

Grandma and Grandpa try to wrangle the herd. Great job on the outfits, by the way.

Older sister Maddie and younger brother Quinn.

This is Kim's brother Brian and his wife Angie, along with their kids Logan, Brooks and Abry. Kim is from Iowa and Brian's family still lives up there. They are right near where all the tornadoes and flooding have been but I think they were spared any damage.

The super-cute Sutton family. We all met at Eckerd College, and then I worked with Chris for a while at Tampa Bay Watch.

Kim's sister Carrie and her husband Mike with kids Maddie and Quinn. Also very adorable. I don't care what anyone says Maddie, I think the "one tooth missing" look is totally cool.

Caleb "the wrecking ball" Sutton.

I could've spent all day just shooting Maddie. I got lots of great silhouettes of her playing down near the water.

Carrie and Maddie strike a pose in front of a trademark Fort De Soto sunset.

The proud grandparents George and Nancy.

Mike and Carrie steal a shot for themselves.

Maddie continues to ham it up for the camera. I think I made that poor girl cartwheel 6 times in a row to make sure I got the shot.

Quinn shows of his sandcastle building skills.

The Suttons again. I'm not sure exactly what Caleb is doing here, but I think it's funny.

Maddie tests the water.

Nancy points out the Egmont Key lighthouse to Abry.

Logan (I think?!) stands at the edge of the known world. He could just be thinking about what to eat for dinner, but when a kid looks out to sea, you can't help but imagine they're thinking some deep thoughts.

I just love this image. Maddie (and Logan and Brooks) were playing around jumping over waves as they came in. This shot of just Maddie pretty much sums up what it feels like to be a kid in a big world.

The kids were good sports and modeled for me a little longer. Note to self: when you tell kids to run by you, you have to also tell them to stop. I think they made it halfway to Georgia before I realized I had to tell them to stop!

I think we had a very productive portrait session. Not bad for a little over an hour! Everybody was fun and patient with me and the kids were awesome! Pretty impressive considering how many young 'uns there were.

Jacqueline and Jonathan, Don CeSar Wedding

Since last Saturday's wedding was in the morning, I was able to head on over the Don CeSar that evening to help Kevin shoot Jackie and Jon's wedding. It was a full day of shooting, but at least I was beach-hopping.

We started out with Jackie and the girls in some of the lovely hallways around the hotel. Large windows provide very nice light for portraits here.

Kevin was using this hallway because of the great natural light. But as the second shooter, I didn't want to just add more of the same to their final set of images. Since Kevin was shooting soft available light, I toned my exposure down and brought in a flash to provide a different look.

While the ladies relaxed before the ceremony, we hung out with the guys in the main lobby. Again, Kevin was posing and shooting Jon in great natural light, so I used a flash to add some variety. This is a great benefit to having a package with two shooters.

A gust of wind helped add some interest to this photo. The sky reflecting in the window made a great complement to the pink walls.

Jackie and Jon pose by the big window.

Same deal as before. I shot natural light for a few minutes, but then wanted to switch things up a bit. I used a flash to overpower the ambient light. This helps to model her face a little bit and provide a bit more depth and contrast to the image. It also helps the pink color pop off the wall.

With Tampa Photo, you know it's only a matter of time until someone lays on the ground! In this shot, it's easy to see the difference the flash makes. To really draw your eye to Jackie, I underexposed the ambient light by a stop or two and allowed a narrow flash beam to properly expose the subject. Lots of folks would just add a vignette in Photoshop, but I prefer creating the images in the camera and getting it right the first time. This might be my favorite shot of the day.

Jackie has some fun hiding behind her veil.

This ballroom has a huge patio outside overlooking the Gulf. The timing worked out so that we could get some sunset shots in.

While Kevin continued to shoot he couple after the sun had gone down, I looked for another angle. Lots of folks were trying to get sunset shots, so moving to the side gave me more space and a unique composition.

30-40 minutes after sunset is when the sky really starts to get nice for photos.

I was playing around trying to handhold my camera at very slow shutter speeds to capture the look of the candles. When the glasses started chiming around the room I focused on the couple and waited for the kiss. 1/8 second is pretty slow without a tripod, but it came out nice. The candles provide a very soft and sensual mood that my flash would have just killed.

Whew, that was a long day, but I had a blast. It's always fun to second shoot with Kevin to see how well he interacts with the groups he shoots. Congratulations Jacqueline and Jonathan, on behalf of Tampa Photo!

Brooke and Kenneth, Longboat Key Wedding

Brooke and Ken were married last Saturday on beautiful Longboat Key. The beach was just amazing and it was a lovely day for the occasion.

Here is the couple outside the reception after the ceremony.

Brooke does a last minute check before heading out to the ceremony.

The large glass doors that looked out over the Gulf also acted as a nice soft light source.

Brooke and her Maid of Honor have a laugh while getting ready.

Ken strikes a GQ pose on the bay side of the island.

The boys relaxing before the big event.

The colors of the sky and the water were simply stunning. Lots of the guests were from out-of-state...what a treat to come down to this.

This is a great cake that really matched the theme of the wedding. And best of all, it was made from scratch by a friend of the couple (WOW!).

Ken and Brooke spend a few moments down by the water while their guests enjoy themselves at the reception.

A toast to the newlyweds from the best man (Ken's brother).


Brooke's dad gave a great toast that really came from the heart.

And the couple walks off to begin their new life together.

Congratulations Brooke and Kenneth! Your wedding was a blast and I really enjoyed shooting down on Longboat Key. You two were great and all of us at Tampa Photo wish you the very best!