2009 Family Christmas Photos

Now that the holidays have passed, I thought I'd post a bunch of the pics from my family's photo session in the studio with Kevin and MJ. As always, they did a fantastic job; and Vanessa loves Auntie MJ and Uncle Kevin so much!

We started out sitting down in pretty "safe" pose so we'd have a few good ones at least in case Vanessa started melting down (it's just a matter of time).

MJ keeps Vanessa entertained :)

Vanessa just chillin with daddy.

A kiss for me!

And a kiss for mommy!

Vanessa keeps us entertained as usual.

No serious poses for us!

One of our favorites.

A rare quiet moment. Kevin is used to shooting fashion, corporate, portraits, etc. and said trying to capture Vanessa was like shooting wildlife. She's our little wild animal.

A beautiful moment captured forever.

Vanessa gets caught in the act punching daddy in the face. Nice follow-through.

We set Vanessa free and took a few with just me and Karen.

Lookin good!

Too cute.

Those were some of my favorites. It is not often that I get tears in my eyes from laughing so hard, but that's exactly what happened when I first looked at these images. I can't thank Kevin and MJ enough. If you didn't take the time to have some professional family portraits made before the holidays, why not do it now? It's always great to have some quality images of yourself and the ones you love.

Thanks Kevin and MJ!!! As usual, Tampa Photo produces some amazing images. Check out some more portraiture at our web site.