Rett's Second Birthday

Rett recently celebrated his second birthday and I was there to capture the day. You may remember Rett from his first birthday party last year.

Rett and mommy Karen smile for the camera.

Rett hangs with Daddy-O Chris outside by the BBQ.

I guess when you kneel down to take a picture in a room full of kids this is bound to happen!

Big smiles from the birthday boy.

All the proud grandparents gather together.

There was plenty of cute pictures of all the kids at the party, but the blog was getting a little full with all of them so I had to cut most of them out (Sorry guys!). But there were a few I had to throw in.

The mother of this little one thanked me for a picture of her daughter I took last year at Rett's party, so the pressure was on to outdo it this year.

Yes, I got one without her blinking too, but this one was a much sweeter and real moment.

It's tough to wrangle this many folks at a birthday party, but we managed to squeeze a few off.

One last peek-a-boo/goodbye from Aunt Emily and big boy Rett.

Congratulations Rett! I can't believe you're already TWO! Thanks for inviting me to your party and getting to hang out with all of your great friends and family!