Amanda and Alonso, Starlite Princess Wedding

Amanda and Alonso decided to celebrate their wedding out on the water on the Starlite Princess paddlewheeler. They brought me in for just a few hours to get some photos and cover the ceremony before they actually left port. I was a little worried because I was basically stuck using the boat interior as a location and I didn't know what to expect. Luckily, there was plenty of room and three levels so we could easily keep them away from each other before the ceremony. Not to mention the boat is very beautiful and had lots of good backgrounds.

I started with Alonso, taking advantage of the window light and cool fixtures.

The big windows made for excellent portrait lighting.

A black and white version.

We used the chairs that were set up for the ceremony as a spot to shoot the guys.

Amanda and the girls gather for photos. It starts to hit Amanda.

Amanda's good friend and Maid of Honor pose for some photos.

The ladies pose in front of the cool curtain/chandelier background.

I sent Amanda over to that same window where I shot Alonso. It was some of the nicest light, but it also helps to keep their images consistent.

We had to stack some chairs, but we found enough room for a full length sitting shot. I tried for that classic old school look to match the Victorian boat decor.

Alonso's parents get into position before the ceremony.

A group of friends sang a song for the couple.

Bridesmaids' dresses flapping in the breeze.

Finally, the happy couple gets some photos together right after the ceremony.

Right before the boat pulled away, I was able to sneak some sunset shots in.

Congratulations Amanda and Alonso! I hope the rest of the cruise was lots of fun. I'm really happy with the images we got considering how little time we had. You guys were great!