Amanda and Don: Grand Hyatt Wedding

Here is a quick look at some images from Amanda and Don's recent wedding on April 21 at the Grand Hyatt. This is a fun place to shoot with lots of great locations. Even with some inventor reality show tryouts (tons of people), we were able to find plenty of great shooting locations. There is also a new slideshow of their event up at the Tampa Photo web site, or you can go straight to the show by clicking here. Al helped me cover this event and some of his images can be found in the slideshow (Thanks Al!). This was a lovely wedding and it was really fun to shoot. Congratulations Amanda and Don!

One of the lovely flower girls waits in the hotel room while the ladies finish getting ready.
Brides, this is the one day of your adult life when you can be dressed by others. Here, Amanda gets a little help with her necklace.
What a great model! I was very happy to find this upstairs lobby with great light right down the hall from Amanda's room.
Then we headed down a few floors to find the guys. The Hyatt is beautiful, but let's face it, a hotel hallway is a hotel hallway. No problem. Tampa Photo shooters can make great images in any situation. Here, a combination of the proper shutter speed to capture the light fixtures and a good control of my flash produce a nice portrait of Don.
The ceremony took place on a separate part of the Hyatt's grounds. They have their own private waterfront and beach. Here is Amanda being escorted down the aisle to start the ceremony.
A nice long dock right next to the ceremony location provided a great spot to make an image that showcased the beautiful sunset.
Back at the hotel after the ceremony, we managed to squeeze in few more shots before the reception. The light and location were just too nice to pass up. A persistent breeze was causing problems, so we just went with it. I love the effect of Amanda's hair being blown back.
Here is a good shot on which to end. They had a great photo slideshow to kick off the reception. They obviously enjoyed watching it as they shared their first dance together. It was a very special touch.

Congratulations Amanda and Don! Thanks for choosing Tampa Photo to capture the precious memories on your special day.


Welcome to the blog! In case you wandered here by accident, I am Eric Vichich, a photographer in the Tampa Bay area. As an associate photographer with Tampa Photo I am always out and about shooting events and meeting new and interesting people. Our web site provides lots of great information and image galleries, but I wanted to offer something a little more in-depth that will allow others to learn about me on a more casual and intimate level.

When these "blog" things first started appearing I promised myself I would never be a part of it. But, blogs have evolved and grown into very productive and effective methods of communication on various levels. This blog is to serve several purposes:

1) To give clients a better understanding of me as a person and for them to gain greater insight into what they can expect in terms of product and personality.

2) For me to have the opportunity to share current images from recent events. I plan to not just post images, but accompany them with explanations of my techniques and my reasoning for capturing a scene a certain way.

3) To have fun and stay connected to all the great folks I meet through photography!

Hopefully this will be one of the few posts without images. There are lots of photo forums on the internet where "professional" photographers sit around all day and talk about photography. I prefer to shoot pictures rather than talk about them. The proof is in the pudding, and that is what I am going to show you.

Stay tuned.