Stephanie and Dustin, Sandpearl Resort Wedding

We headed back to the Sandpearl a few weeks ago to shoot Stephanie and Dustin's wedding. They were real easy going and fun to shoot (always appreciated). Kevin was the main shooter and I was there as the second. There's a lot of images, so...

Two dresses.

Here you go ladies...(he irons too!) A groomsman presses his shirt while the guys get ready.

Since Kevin was posing Stephanie, I tried to some different compositions and lighting to contribute and not just duplicate.

Dustin was a good sport and posed for a few more photos before going to relax before the ceremony.

They had a lovely ceremony right out on the sand.

While Kevin was shooting the formal groups, I was able to sneak in to the reception room and get some room shots before the guests came in.

It's tough to set up and test lights and pop off a few frames before Kevin switches up the pose.

And if you're going to do this, for crying out loud, warn somebody first! Or, be able to do it twice, like Dustin did.

Stephanie has great features for hard direct light.

Dustin hangs out in a serene tide pool.

Stephanie joins him as the light fades away.

Stephanie shows off that fabulous dress. Kevin and I had soaking shoes and feet for the reception, but it was totally worth it.

Stephanie and Dustin dance the night away as newlyweds.

Congratulations Stephanie and Dustin! It was a fabulous wedding that was loads of fun even for us photographers. Best of luck in all the years to come.

Michelle and Mark, Florida Aquarium Wedding

Michelle and Mark recently tied the knot at the Florida Aquarium. I always love shooting there because it presents so many opportunities along with the challenges of shooting inside a tough environment.

We started out with the girls getting ready at their hotel. We were so busy looking at room numbers, I almost missed the giant "THE BRIDAL SUITE" sign.

Michelle stops for a few quick shots in the cool hotel lobby.

I wish we had more time (like always). There are tons of cool side lobbies and sitting areas to use as shooting locations.

We caught up with Mark once we got to the aquarium.

In addition to the typical aquarium scenery, this place has lots of cool lighting and colorful displays that convinced us to stop even though we were already running behind. It was totally worth it!

The ceremony took place in front of the huge main tank.

They definitely had one of the coolest wedding cakes I had ever seen.

Mark gets some attention on the dance floor (they always seem to pay more attention once you're taken, huh Mark?).

All roads lead to Michelle and Mark's future together.

Congratulations Michelle and Mark! Any wedding blessed by a sea turtle is sure to be full of good fortune and happiness. Best of luck from Tampa Photo!

Lindsey and Greg

Lindsey and Greg were married last week at the Bilmar Resort on Treasure Island. These two were loads of fun and definitely in love! It was bright and windy on the beach but we managed to find lots of cool spots to make some photos.

Here's Lindsey and Greg hanging out before the ceremony. Seeing each other beforehand have me a lot more flexibility and time for making nice images.

OK, from the beginning...
A quick peek in on mom fixing Lindsey's flowers.

All about the shoes...

Gorgeous! I love it when my job is easy.

Give me a window and a wall and I could shoot for hours!

I LOVED this cool ocean mural in the hotel's beach bar for some fun portraits.

The guys hang out before the ceremony.

The ladies take a turn striking a pose.

Lindsey shows off that beautiful dress.

Greg is a fun-loving guy but he sure knows how to turn on the "serious."

Not a bad spot to say your vows.

The couple enjoys a stroll on the beach as newlyweds.

Nuzzling under the setting sun.

We spun around for a few shots with a blue sky background to change it up a little bit.

Wow, what a toast. Not a dry eye in the house.

A tender moment caught amidst a crazy party.

One last parting shot of the bride and groom posing in front of a classic Gulf Coast sunset.

Congratulations Lindsey and Greg! You guys were a blast and I had a great time making images of your special day. Have fun on your honeymoon!

Lauren and Christopher, Palm Harbor White Chapel Wedding

Lauren and Christopher had their ceremony and reception at the Palm Harbor White Chapel. It's a very cool and historic location for a wedding. They had a lovely day and a lively reception!

Introducing the newlyweds...

I get dressed with a little help from my friends...

Christopher pauses for a moment of reflection before walking down the aisle.

Lauren pauses for a simple and elegant portrait.

The girls ham it up for the camera.

We strolled around the church taking advantage of all the cool architecture.

The sun peaks out from behind the White Chapel.

Three boys wait to do their part for the ceremony.

Lauren and Christopher join hands at the altar.

We ran out of light after the ceremony, so I got creative and mixed flash with the streetlights and the little bit of light left in the sky to make a few dynamic portraits.

I tried to squeeze every drop of light left in the evening sky for the last few shots.

Congratulations Lauren and Christopher! I had a great time covering your day and I wish you the best of luck in your new life together!