Farmer Gray's 1st Birthday

You may recall Grayson from his first photos here or his newborn photos here. Now, it's time for his first birthday party and that means farm animals.

The birthday boy takes a spin.

Dad takes a lap with Grayson.

Little boys; overalls.

Hey, you're not a horse!

It's my birthday and I'll smile if I want to.


Look here Grayson, this is how grandpa does it.

I asked ALL THE KIDS to line up. The girls went right up there in perfect position. The boys, not so much.

This is pretty much perfection. If you'll look, you'll see a nosepick, a scream, a blink, a miss (he's foot made the frame) and one perfect birthday boy in front looking right at the camera!


The family.

Grandpa's under there somewhere.

Family Portrait on the Boat

Two people, three dogs, and one sweet boat. Headed down to the Gulfport Marina for this unique family portrait session.

Fairy Princess Birthday Party

Last fall a group of fairy princesses gathered at Crescent Lake to celebrate a birthday.

Sutton Family Portrait at the Beach

Wow, I'm realizing just how far behind I am on the blog. Yikes. Well, we're going to make a push to get caught up right now. We'll start back in October of last year when I met up with the Sutton family for some shots at the beach.

Chris works in the environmental field so I thought he would appreciate being photographed amid some native Muhly grass. The backlit flower stalks glow with a pretty purple color.

Mom and daughter by the water.

After getting the silhouette above, I brought out a flash for a more traditional photo.

Found some nice sea oats in flower for a pleasing beachy backdrop.

Time for Kylee to get sandy!

While the shoot focused on Chris and his family, we made time for several Suttons, including brother Geoff and his wife Gretchen.

The whole clan.

The other family members were there mainly to help wrangle kids. As you can see, Caleb is a free spirit.

And it's Caleb by a nose.

Catching the last of the fading light with Kim and Kylee.

Father and son build a sand structure.

Sandy kid on the shoulders; now that's commitment.

Double kid toss.

Two brothers and family.

Well, that was GOING to be a photo of just mom and dad.

Daddy and daughter.