Minecraft Birthday Party

I've had the opportunity to photograph this young guy ever since he was born.  Hard to believe how old he's getting!

OK, everyone listen to the rules very carefully so you can all start disregarding them as soon as you get the guns!

It's always great seeing photos I've taken framed throughout a house!

Newborn and Siblings Session

I know I'm behind - this little guy is going to be turning one year old soon.  I photographed these sisters before and they are a real treat to work with.  We came away with some special images to really convey the kids' personalities.


Backyard Family Portrait

These are from a family portrait session last April.  It was a nice relaxed shoot in one of the family's backyards.  Nice setting and beautiful light.

 Pooch wants to know if we're ready to start.

Big dog, little dog.

St. Paul's Church

These were taken for St. Paul's Catholic Church, mainly to update their website.  A newspaper photographer had been there for a story and got some good photos but it was during a service that wasn't heavily attended.  I went back on a normal Sunday morning service to gets some nice photos with full pews.

 Bonus: the service I attended also had a baptism so I was able to make a few images of that ceremony.