Angie and Dominic: Don CeSar Beach Resort Wedding

Tampa Photo provided photo and video coverage for Angie and Dominic's wedding at the Don CeSar Beach Resort. Kevin was on the video and I was working stills. This was a relatively short event, as it was just a ceremony at the Don. The real party was taking place immediately afterward on a cruise ship leaving out of Tampa. Unfortunately, they didn't ask Kevin and I to come along for that. We asked. Several times. Seriously, I knew my time was limited, so I worked every minute I had to get the couple a nice set of photos. Let's dive in.

If you've read this blog before you may detect several themes. One of those themes is that it takes a long time for ladies to get ready. That results in me getting plenty of time with the fellas while the primping and the painting continues upstairs in some hairspray-choked hotel room. Here, the groom and his men gather in the very front lobby.

The front doors let some light in on Dominic, while windows to the side provide a nice edge light.

The ring bearer flashes a smile while lining up for the ceremony.

Angie waits for her turn to head down the sandy aisle.

A trio of flower girls prepares the way. Big Pink rises out of the dunes.

Exchanging vows under the sun on a Florida beach. Not bad.

We're going on a cruise!

We managed to squeeze every wedding guest into one big group photo. Well done everybody!

A quick detail among jubilant family and friends.

The flower brigade.

Angie and Dominic were able to spare a few minutes for a quick trip around the hotel for some more intimate photos. We headed upstairs and stopped at cool spots along the way.

Before calling it quits and cutting the couple loose, I captured them up on a balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

Congrats Angie and Dominic! Thanks for choosing us to cover your special day. Good luck in all your future voyages! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Dominic's from Pittsburgh so I'm allowed to insert a shameless "Go Steelers" plug. Sorry if that alienates any of you Cowboys/Ravens/Browns or other lame team fans.