4th of July Fireworks

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hopefully the rain didn't interfere with any of your celebrations. In St. Pete we got plenty of rain, but it cleared up in time to head downtown for the fireworks display at the Pier. We watched them from Vinoy Park and I did a lousy job predicting where there were going to be shot off. I thought we were going to see the show out over the water, but oh well. It was a very good display and a nice breeze from the water made the heat/humidity bearable. Enjoy! I uploaded fairly large versions of these images, so feel free to click on them for a better view.

I had to sneak in at least one shot of me watching the show. There were lots of people behind us and they all (including my wife and our friend) thought I was a total goof for running in front of my camera with the timer on, but I think a human element is a great addition to the photo. I didn't take too many of these, because the flash was probably pretty annoying to everyone else.

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