More Maternity Shots

Since most of you don't get to see Karen very often I am adding a few additional images from our most recent maternity shoot. Her progression has been very amazing to watch and photograph.

Some of you will like this, and others will think it's total cheese. But it's always better to shoot something you kind of like than to not shoot something you could have loved. Get it? I like it. It might be hard to see, but it's one of our ultrasound images showing the baby's upper body (face is pointed up). As always, you can click on the image for a slighltly larger version.

Karen really liked this lighting setup that just reveals that outline edge of her body. I love how this pose allows the light to fall on her face. Just gorgeous!

Now we switch to the white background. I sometimes direct Karen in terms of posing to get the process started, but it never takes long for her to start busting out those "America's Next Top Model" moves.

Karen and I share a moment. And by moment I mean the two seconds waiting for the camera timer to go off! It was tough to decide whether or not to convert these white background images to black and white. The low-key shots with the black background look best black and white, but I kind of like the original color versions for these. So I included one of each and you can decide for yourself.

That's all for now. Maybe in a week you will see some baby photos! Thank you all for your encouragement and support. We'll keep you posted!

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