Lori and Lawrence, Sandpearl Wedding

Lori and Lawrence were married on 8/8/08 at the Sandpearl Resort on Clearwater Beach. I had never been to this venue before and it was a pleasure to shoot there. This was a fun beach wedding that really had that tropical feel. Some threatening weather scared us a few times, but in the end we had just a little drizzle and a wonderful background for beach photos.

Here's a side view of the main lobby with the happy couple immediately after the ceremony.

Lawrence spends a few minutes in an upstairs hallway after making sure the reception's final details were squared away.

Lori finds some nice light behind a waterfall (yes, behind a waterfall).

The kids participated in the whole ceremony, and each poured some sand into the unity cup. You can really see the deep blue sky and white puffy clouds here.

As it was a relatively small affair, we were able to get everyone together for a group photo.

The happy family poses in front of the dunes.

The kids play while the adults mingle. They occupied themselves by pouring water into a hole. I love kids.

The Caribbean Experience provided some great music for the ceremony and reception. Gotta love the steel drums at a beach wedding!

Clouds obscure the sun just enough to allow this image of the couple with the resort in the background.

Everywhere we went there were great locations for photos.

Lori and Lawrence walk off together. Straight ahead is a big thunderhead dumping rain over the Gulf. I hope that their future holds lots of clear sailing and sunny skies, but when storms come (and they will come), I hope they are as pretty as this one.

Congratulations Lori and Lawrence! I hope 8/8/8 brings you all the luck in the world! Thanks for having Tampa Photo be there to cover your special day!

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Pat S. said...

Hey E, nice photos on this site. That's random that your mom found my site, but I'm glad you both stopped by. Hope things are well in Florida and I'm sure I'll see you back in the Burgh at some point.