Meghan and George, A La Carte Event Pavilion Wedding

Meghan and George were married in a Greek Orthodox ceremony and had their reception at the A La Carte Event Pavilion. This was a real fun group as you'll see in a little bit.

Meghan and her girls hid in another building before the ceremony. The large windows provided some wonderful light for photos.

The girls proved to be just as goofy as the guys, but a lot better looking.

George poses outside the church before Meghan arrives.

I did convince them to pose for a few serious portraits, but why fight it? These ones show the real energy and feeling of the day.

The church was very beautiful and had this amazing dome. Laying on the floor allowed me to get most of it in while still keeping the couple in the shot.

We timed things perfectly with the sunset.

Meghan and George stroll under the trees outside the A La Carte.

As we headed inside, Meghan let me get a few more shots of her since the light just kept getting better.

After all the family shots, we played around inside the A La Carte getting some cool photos.

Meghan and George pause for a quiet moment before entering their reception.

These guys had an awesome first dance. It started out like any old slow dance, but then progressed through like ten songs, each with its own style and choreography. Well done you two.

How low can YOU go?

The cake is framed by the outside lights.

The reception was almost too dark for me to focus, and these guys were wearing sunglasses.

That was a Big Fun Greek Wedding! Congratulations Meghan and George! It was a pleasure to capture all the moments that made up your special day. Thanks for choosing Tampa Photo. I wish you all the best for years to come.

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Nomi said...

Meghan's eyes are beautiful and you captured them so well. Also,I love the way that the picture of the church's ceiling is even more special since the bride and groom are in it as well.