Jessica and Barry, MacDill Air Force Base Wedding

Jessica and Barry were married in early December at MacDill Air Force Base. I had a lot of fun with this laid back couple and we had plenty of time to make some great photos.

Jessica and Barry spend some time away from their guests between the ceremony and reception. Wedding days can be pretty hectic; an hour alone with the photographer actually ends up being a pretty nice chance for the bride and groom to concentrate on each other.

We started out with Jessica at the Hyatt in downtown Tampa. The courtyard outside always makes a great location for photos.

Barry poses in front of some nice window light.

A bridesmaid gets a little choked up during the ceremony.

The clouds kept shifting and changing the light which made shooting a little difficult. I was set up to take some nice portraits in the diffuse cloud light when the direct sun started streaming in on us. A quick tweak of the pose resulted in this dramatic image.

After the sun had set the light was very soft and even which is great for portraits but can be boring. I used a direct flash to make this image "pop."

The Officers Club glows as dusk fades away.

The couple shares a dance.

Getting a creative cake shot can be tough. The crystal figures on top looked best when backlit and enough lit reflected back on the cake. The conscious decision to let the background go dark allows the cake to stand out.

Jessica and her girls get funky on the dance floor.

Congratulations Jessica and Barry! It was my pleasure to shoot your wedding, and Tampa Photo wishes you the best of luck.

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