Kristen and Barry, Florida Aquarium Wedding

Kristen and Barry decided to have their wedding at the Florida Aquarium. It can be a tough place to make photographs, but if you know what you're doing it also presents lots of great opportunities for creating some extraordinary images.

Here is the couple outside in the "wetlands" area. It usually has nice soft natural light which is always good for getting some safe portraits.

In front of the main tank, balancing flash with the ambient light can be tough, but the result is an image you couldn't get anywhere else.

The groom poses for a few solo shots out in the wetlands.

Right after the ceremony, we just walked all over the aquarium looking for cool backgrounds. I knew I wanted to use this tunnel, but it took a few minutes of playing around to get something I was happy with. When the clouds moved, I noticed the great burst of light coming down through the water.

The aquarium has a few of these sheets of fog that visitors walk through. Kristen and Barry were troopers and paused for a minute while I made a photo. Barry got a few water drops on his neck, but I think it was worth it. I always love it when a couple is willing to play along with my ideas!

You may remember me using this light the last time I shot at the aquarium, but I changed things up a little this time. Instead of adding a flash and using the blue as a background, I just let Kristen bask in the blue light resulting in a more artistic photo that has a mermaid/underwater fell to it.

The couple chats and relaxes in front of a cypress swamp after the ceremony.

Most shooters will always keep the sun to their back, but backlighting subjects when the light is right can result in a more dramatic and moody image.

You know I couldn't help but shoot a few of the critters while I was there. I took a while, but I finally managed to get one of the leafy sea dragons in front of a clean black background.

The reception was held in front of the huge main tank.

Instead of allowing guests to just chime their glasses to make the couple kiss, Barry decided that only songs with the word "love" in them would result in a kiss. A group of young ladies serenades the couple to solicit a smooch.

Congratulations Kristen and Barry! Best of luck to you both as you "drive" off into your future together (they're big car fans). Thanks for having me and Tampa Photo be a part of your big day!

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