Angelina and Steve, A La Carte Event Pavilion

Angelina and Steve were married last month at the A La Carte Event Pavilion in Tampa. We started out with some group shots at the hotel before heading to the venue, where the ceremony and reception were taking place.

Steve and the guys hang out at the hotel. Kevin was the lead shooter this day and was working with Steve head-on. I was able to find this second angle that incorporated all the groomsmen in the background.

We still had some time once we made it to the A La Carte, so we worked with the guys a little more. Kevin was shooting available light so I used a flash to create a slightly different look. Focusing the light on Steve helps separate him from the crowd.

Anglelina had a locket with some very special photos attached to her bouquet. I made sure to make some nice images of this important detail.

At this time of day, the light was pouring in through the ceiling of the ceremony room. Even with the light, it was still kind of "camera dark" so I had to slow the shutter speed down. I remembered the proper exposure before the processional began. I got the standard safe shot of Angelina being escorted down the aisle, but once they passed me I switched my settings and popped this off. It's a little blurry due to the slow shutter speed, but I like it.

The sun disappeared pretty quickly after the ceremony, so I was used some flash to even things out.

The front of the A La Carte is always a great place to shoot. I couldn't decide between the next two shots, so you're getting both.

A little flash makes a big difference.

The front of the cake had a bow on it, but I preferred this shot from behind since I was able to utilize the main chandelier as a background element.

That same chandelier made an appearance later in the evening when it caught the bouquet. I swear those things are flower magnets. With a little help, this gal was able to get it down after all.

Congratulations Angelina and Steve! Kevin and I had a great time covering your big day. The real fun starts now!

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