Puppy Power

These puppies were bred to be sold by the owners. But once they saw the lone golden pup, they had to keep him for themselves. They wanted photos to help sell the puppies, but they also wanted a special keepsake to have long after they've moved on to new homes.

It took some wrangling, but we managed to get them all in the basket and looking in the same direction for this image.

In addition to the group shots, I made some individual portaits of each puppy.

Maybe she sees her reflection in the lens.

They named this fella "Longo" after Tampa Bay Rays star Alex Longoria so we had to incorporate some baseball elements into his photos.

A wider view.

"What are you doing?"

Awww. We managed to squeeze one in before he toppled over.

The puppies were in constant motion to escape from the basket. OK, we're done - you can all go back to sleep. Good dogs.

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