Family Portrait at the Beach

Headed out to the beach recently for a family portrait session.  We were a little concerned since the entire day had been overcast, but it ended up working out.  We didn't see the sun but it turned enough of the sky orange to give me plenty to work with.

Loosening things up with a little family stroll down the beach. 

As they get farther away, people tend to relax and the photo becomes a little more realistic.

Took some time to split into some pairs.

This lagoon tends to get all of its photographic attention from bird shooters, but I like bringing people down here as well.  I think it's nice to have some water and land in the background to mix up the standard beach/ocean shots.

Couldn't help playing around with the lifeguard stand.  Given how dark it was getting, I knew the bright red would pop from the image and give some nice contrast.

 We even managed to squeeze the moon in there for a few shots.

Remember everyone, it's never to early to start coordinating those family photos so you're not caught off guard when the holidays start rolling around!  Thanks to Dawn and her family for sacrificing some sandy toes for what I think turned out to be some great family portraits.

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