William and Stephanie - Wedding by Tampa Photo

Stephanie prepped in front of big sliding glass doors which provided nice light.

Stephanie suggested we take a break while she steps out to the patio.  I don't give up that easy.  After some time, I walked outside and pretended to look at the sun, judge the light, take pictures of some trees, hide behind the van... but they were on to me.

The flower girl double checks every detail.

Everything came together perfectly for just a split second in a flurry of bustling.

A quick AC break during the preparation to leave.

Hidden away.

Rockin that camo vest.

While not suited for traditional portraits, the house lights in the church made for interesting photos like this one and the opening image of this post.

This is basically a school hallway, but if you bathe it in enough light it can be glamorous.

The newlyweds steal a few moments for photos before heading to the reception.

Stephanie and William share their first dance.

The cake shot.

Congratulations William and Stephanie!

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