Ruth and William, Don CeSar Wedding

I got to spend the day at the Don Ce Sar hotel on St. Pete Beach to help MJ cover Ruth and William's wedding this past weekend. I really enjoy being the second-shooter sometimes. It offers an excellent opportunity to get creative and seek out special images I might not have the luxury of getting as the lead shooter. This also shows the benefit of getting two shooters from Tampa Photo to cover your event.

What a location for a wedding! This could easily pass as a resort on some remote Mediterranean island, but it's right here in our own backyard!
Here is William hanging with his guys at the piano in the main lobby.

While MJ works with Ruth to get some great portraits, I take advantage of a different angle for some added interest.

I love this image because it tells such a great story. It has the recognizable Don to help establish the location and you get a quick glimpse of the bride as she is escorted to the ceremony. I feel that the use of the crowd in the foreground gives the viewer a sense that they are a guest at the ceremony.

The clouds were rolling in, but we gambled and ran down to the beach. It certainly paid off as MJ made some wonderful portraits in the nice light and we got back before any rain fell. The setting sun was not yet covered by the clouds, allowing plenty of light to help the Don stand out (not that it needs much help!)

A long shutter blurs the bridal party, allowing the emphasis to be placed on the bride and groom here.

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