Tabitha and Carl, A La Carte Event Pavilion Wedding

Tabitha and Carl were both great! They definitely know how to have fun, and it shows! I would like to thank them for being easy to work with and very outgoing. Congratulations you two and the best of luck!! A few of these even ended up in my updated gallery over at Tampa Photo. All of my weddings and events are booked through Tampa Photo. Their wedding was held at the A La Carte Event Pavillion, a lovely spot for a wedding or any event.

One thing Tabitha knew for sure: she did not want anyone to see her in that beautiful dress until she was walking down the aisle. There are lots of great places to shoot at this venue, but some of them are visible to guests arriving early! No problem. With a good knowledge of lighting and composition, I was able to produce this nice portrait in one of their large unused ballrooms (a big dark empty room with one piece of furniture). I slowed the shutter down just enough to allow some of the ambient light to appear on the wall behind her. This helps separate her left side from the background.
After the ceremony, the couple enjoys a few quiet moments together by the fountain.
As you can tell, Tabitha didn't have any fun that day. And this is what happens when you get two best friend together for a portrait!
The couple shares their first dance. I made sure to get the "safe" shots before proceeding on to some creative captures. The DJ lights illuminate them while one of my flashes adds some fill from the left side.
What a clever idea! They had these custom Hershey, I mean Heretheyare (the newlyweds' last name), bars and custom wine bottles as favors. I have more shots with the entire chocolate bar in focus, but I love the "tons of love" detail and wanted to highlight it in this image by using a selective focus.
I love getting creative with the cake shots, in addition to providing some more traditional images. The rich blue backdrop set up by the A La Carte staff helps make this a strong image.
You can't even keep these two separated on the dance floor! This is when the party really got started.
As I was leaving the venue, I noticed the wonderful light just after sunset. It was enough to convince me to pull some gear back out of the trunk and set up for a few shots. I have some great "location" shots of this venue, but the ones I made that night are some of my favorites. If you are looking for a potential wedding spot, check it out and tell 'em Eric from Tampa Photo sent ya!

I hope you enjoyed some of the images from their event. I know I enjoyed shooting it! Once again, Tabitha and Carl, congratulations and I wish you the best of luck in your life together.

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