Christine and Michael, The Castaway Wedding

Christine and Michael were married this Sunday on the beach overlooking Tampa Bay with a reception at the Castaway. I was there for just two hours but managed to capture some great memories for the couple. Congratulations to both of them!

OK, I have to start with this image to help tell this story. A photographer doesn't always hear the couple's vows because there are so many things running through our minds during the ceremony. However, these vows were very special and I think I gleaned most of the story while I was shooting. Here it is as I understand it. These two have known each other for years (the top image of them is from the 6th grade!) and Michael had pretty strong feelings for her. When it was time to head off to college, Michael and Christine went for a walk along the beach. Michael wanted to tell Christine he loved her but didn't. They both went off to live their separate lives. Each married and started families, but life's circumstances brought them back together. And they were married on that same beach; only this time Michael had the nerve to tell Christine how much he loved her. Guests were signing this picture as a keepsake.

The ceremony was right down near the water. This was during the vows and you can see how special they were by the look on the rabbi's face.

The couple and the rabbi embrace hands as part of the ceremony.

The couple enjoys their first moments together as husband and wife.

Michael and Christine walk along the same beach, but this time the walk is the start of their journey, not the end.

The window light in the restaurant made for a nice picture of the rings on the ring-bearer's pillow.

We were doing some formals in the lobby of the restaurant and I snagged a few of the couple while waiting for groups to assemble. They looked so cute here that I grabbed my second flash off my other camera body and held it in my left hand. The second off-camera light adds some dimension.

Congratulations Michael and Christine! Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day.

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