Introducing Baby Vanessa!

It's a girl!! At 5:22 PM on Wednesday, November 14th, Karen gave birth to our lovely daughter Vanessa Anne Vichich. She just missed sharing a birthday with her mother by 3 days. As for the stats: 8 lbs, 3 oz; 21 inches and unbelievably adorable!

It's been a whirlwind of activity and things have been very busy yet peaceful. Mother and baby are both healthy and happy. Karen was simply amazing and I am still in awe at how well she handled the birth. I am very proud to be her husband and the father of her child.

Karen and Vanessa start bonding immediately. In what's known as "Kangaroo Care," Karen chose to have Vanessa placed on her chest right after delivery before anything else. Mother and daughter bond for approx. 30 minutes skin-to-skin before Vanessa was taken to be cleaned, weighed, etc.

This is Dacia, our nurse for the majority of the labor. She was really great and helped make things as enjoyable as possible. In fact, all the staff and nurses at Bayfront were terrific. Off camera flash placed on top of furniture very high; aimed at opposite wall.

Dr. Karen Raimer delivered Vanessa and was a great help during labor and delivery. All three doctors at St. Pete Maternal and Fetal Medicine were wonderful throughout Karen's pregnancy.

And as you know, the photographer doesn't usually make it into the pictures. Luckily, dad grabbed the camera to snap this shot of me posing by Vanessa while she was getting weighed. Mom also got some shots of me with her camera.

Here are the flowers that folks sent. Special thanks to those who helped make our hospital room that much more cozy and homey. The smell of fresh flowers is so much better than that mix of antiseptic cleaner and hospital food! We'll also let this photo represent our appreciation to all of you who sent support in the way of calls, emails, thoughts, prayers, gifts and visits. They meant a lot to us and were very comforting during this special time. Things have been very hectic and busy so we may not have had the chance to contact you all directly, but please know that we are very grateful to have the love and support of so many friends and family.

Mimi (my mother) holds her granddaughter for the first time. After having two sons, I get the feeling that she is thrilled to add a female to the Vichich clan.

It's Pap Pap's turn to hold Vanessa. I think he's trying to think of different ways to spoil her.

A couple of proud grandparents.

Our good friend (and honorary Aunt) Christine stopped by a couple times to visit. Thanks for everything Christine!

Back home, Momma plays with "Little Nessa."

Karen has the special mommy touch when it comes to holding, changing, feeding, diapering, comforting and pretty much all things baby. What a pair!

Give Mommy a kiss!

Staring up at mommy.

Chilling on the couch at home.

Vanessa's favorite spot to catch a few Zs.

That's all for now. I should get back to pitching in. There's dishes to clean, laundry to fold and a baby (and wife) to love. Thanks to everyone who has been keeping us in their thoughts and prayers during this amazing time.


mj wilson said...

What AWESOME Photos! I really never thought babies were all that cute, but this one is ADORABLE! Congrats to you both!!!

mj & kevin

Elizabeth said...

Vanessa is beautiful. It's a good thing she has her mom's looks...JUST KIDDING! Congrats to you two, we are so happy for you two and we hope that we can see you soon and meet Vanessa!!!!

Liz and Nasty

Anonymous said...

Karen And Eric, Congratulations!Indeed you do have much to be thankful to God for the birth of your beautiful daughter, Vanessa. Paul Hahn

Anonymous said...

Eric, twenty-seven years ago God sent us a little boy to love, who, along with his brother, brought out a love in us we never knew we had. Now Karen and Eric, your little cutie is making your dad and me fall in love all over again with baby Vanessa. We are so proud to call three of you our family! God bless you always,
Mom and Dad V.

Anonymous said...

That baby is so dang cute! Congrats to you both.
Rachel Maxwell-( Neuworth)

Anne said...

Hey guys,

The pics are so adorable!! We can't wait to see little Vanessa soon!!

anne and matt

Anne said...

Hey guys,

The pics are so adorable!! We can't wait to see little Vanessa soon!!

anne and matt