Dawn and Brent

Wow, I know it's been a while since I last posted. Thanks for hanging in there. Baby Vanessa has been keeping us busy, and yes, there will be more pics of her soon.

But first, we check in with Dawn and Brent who were married at the end of January at lovely Lange Farm. As a nature lover, I always enjoy shooting this venue. Kevin was there shooting video.

We started out with Dawn on the wrap-around porch before Brent arrived. She was a natural at striking a pose.

Then it was Brent's turn out on the balcony. The sun acted as a rim/hair light and the reflected light from the white building provided nice fill.

The newlyweds walk out of the ceremony that was held under this magnificent live oak.

As the guests move on to the party, Brent and Dawn share a few quiet moments.

A classic Lange Farm shot incorporating the white fences and even a horse in the background for good measure. The setting sun was providing us with a wonderful backlight.

I always love to highlight the huge trees in a few shots when at "the farm."

After the sun goes down, the warm lights of the reception stand out against the cool blue dusk sky.

As usual, I got a few safe "standard" cake shots before moving on to experimenting with some creative lighting. Here, a flash is placed on a stand directly behind the cake topper, aimed toward me. This produces that lovely edge light. The light-colored wall next to me bounced the light from the flash back on to the cake for an even exposure. I increased my shutter speed to make the background go black.

As a new father, I now find kids to be cuter than ever!

Congratulations Dawn and Brent! I had a blast shooting your wedding and I think we got some great shots. Best of luck from all of us at Tampa Photo!

And stay tuned for more pics! I will try to update again soon!

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