Lt. Col. Coddington Promotion Ceremony

Major Elizabeth Coddington is now Lieutenant Colonel Elizabeth Coddington and she asked me to cover the ceremony honoring her promotion.

The Honor Guard presents the colors to begin the ceremony.

Col. Williamson was on hand and had plenty of good things to say about Lt. Col. Coddington's career thus far.

Lt. Col. Coddington's two daughters place the new silver oak leaf clusters that symbolize the rank of Lt. Col.

You may remember MSgt. Denby (ret) from his retirement ceremony.

Lt. Col. Coddington's parents also attended and participated in the ceremony.

Lt. Col. Coddington's husband, son and daughters pose for a shot after the ceremony. The patriotic balloons helped spruce up the plain backdrop.

Congratulations Lt. Col. Coddington. I wish you the best of luck as you continue your career in the U.S. Air Force, dedicating your time and energy to serving our country. (Thanks for that by the way!)

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