SMSgt. Nancy Lee Peck Retirement Ceremony

Whoa, sorry for the prolonged absence. Things have been real busy lately, but I'm finally getting around to posting images from Nancy's retirement ceremony. Nancy had worked with me on a few other retirement ceremonies, so it was an honor to finally cover her special day.

SMSgt. Nancy Peck stands at attention as the ceremony begins.

Nancy's family gets a kick out of hearing some highlights from her 26 years of service.

This picture just cracks me up. All eyes are on the ceremony, except for this kid who found the ceiling more interesting.

Nancy wipes a tear during the bittersweet ceremony.

Nancy addresses her colleagues, friends and family that have come out to help celebrate the occasion. The US flag always makes a nice backdrop in these situations.

Nancy and her husband share a moment as the ceremony comes to an end.

Nancy's immediate family poses for a group shot after the ceremony.

The kids really enjoyed hamming it up for the camera!

Nancy's parents jump in for a shot with the guest of honor.

Nancy and Jeff out by the beach. Nancy was interested in incorporating the outdoors into her ceremony, but it made more sense to hold the event indoors. I made sure to snap a few shots with the great beach/water and palm trees in the background.

Congratulations on your retirement Nancy! For 26 years you have traveled the world serving your country and managed to find your way back to Florida. Thanks for letting me be a part of your ceremony. It was an honor and a pleasure.

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Ken said...

I am a long time friend of Jeff and Nancy and would like to get their email address. Please forward mine to them.