Melissa and Ryan, Lange Farm Wedding

Melissa and Ryan were married back at the beginning of April. I was the second shooter backing up MJ. This was another Lange Farm wedding, but the ceremony was held at a church nearby.

Here is a nice shot of the couple connecting soon after becoming husband and wife.

The church had these wonderful stainged glass windows at the entry. They provided the perfect opportunity for a dramatically lit image.

The couple exits the ceremony to a shower of flower petals.

I was having some fun with super wide angle lens at the reception. Usually, I would switch to a more normal lens for something as important as the cake cutting, but as the second shooter I was able to experiment a little bit. I am real happy with the end result. The cake was nice enough to stand as the subject of the photo while letting the couple act as a nice background element.

The guys in the band looked to cool for just a normal brightly and evenly exposed photo. A snooted flash high on a stand adds contrast and only lights the part of the photo I want to emphasize.

All the guys headed outside for some nice cigars. A snooted flash creates a nice vignette effect drawing your eye to Ryan.

And then I played around for a minute with some more creative lighting as I shot just Ryan.

Congratulations Melissa and Ryan. I was a pleasure to shoot your wedding. I really enjoy being the second shooter sometimes so I can let the main shooter worry about the priority shots. I can have the flexibility to take more risks and spend time exploring other themes within the wedding day.


Melissa Flynn said...

Thanks Eric! We can't wait to see the rest of the photos!!

Sandy Plunkett said...

Wow! Very creative. You've got really great ideas and I can tell you enjoy your work. Can't wait to see the full gallery of pictures!

Sandy Plunkett