Sylvia and John

Sylvia and John recently tied the knot at a lovely home ceremony full of love, friends, family and dogs dressed in tuxedos. You may remember Sylvia from the portrait session with her daughter, Lauren. This is a really great story because these two used to be married but then got a divorce. Life's path brought them back together and I was lucky enough to photograph the occasion.

Here is the aforementioned Tuxedo-Dog, Reno. He sure cleans up nice!

Sylvia talks with the officiant outside before the ceremony.

The happy couple after the ceremony.

Sylvia and Lauren (mother and daughter) pose together.

The whole family gets together.

Sylvia and her son Reese share a dance. (Sorry if I'm spelling your name wrong Reese!)

Daddy and daughter take to the dance floor.

If you only saw this photo, you would think this was a very weird wedding. But Lauren just picked up Reno for a goofy portrait under the arch.

It was still a little too bright out to get the full effect from the decorative lights, but we went ahead and shot some groups out under the arch.

Reese and David are two "wild and crazy guys!"

The wedding was held at Lauren and David's home. We stole a few minutes to make some portraits of them around the yard.

The screened-in patio was decorated so nicely and glowing with candles. I wanted to shoot Sylvia and John in this setting and keep the warm candlelight feeling. I exposed for the candlelight and then used a flash with a warming gel to add some subtle light to the couple.

One of these rings is from the original wedding. The other ended up in Tampa Bay. I'm not going to say which one!

Congratulations Sylvia and John! It's great that you are back together and I wish you all the happiness in the world. I had a great time covering the event.

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