Sarah and Nick, Anna Maria Wedding

Sarah and Nick were married right on the sand of Anna Maria Island. It was a beach wedding from start to finish. The evening went very smoothly thanks to Sandy's skillful coordinating efforts. I had a tough time narrowing down the images to post here, so you've been warned: there's a lot. Let's dive right in.

Sarah and Nick agreed to see each other before the ceremony. This always helps when it comes to getting photos out of the way, assuming that everyone's ready on time (ahem, ladies...). These two were real fun and laid back.

We had to get some shots by the water, but unfortunately the sun was still a little too high making the light rather harsh. The flash helps to even things out.

Nick hangs out before the ceremony.

Since the ladies were taking a little extra time for their final preparations, I was able to stroll around with the guys and create a few unique portraits for Nick. There are plenty of ways to depict that beach atmosphere besides just plunking them down in front of the water.

Nick and his fellas gather around for a nice relaxed portrait.

Now it's Sarah's turn. Her dress, veil and bouquet were all very beautiful. And it's tough to find a better background than this.

But sometimes photos need more than a nice background, they need nice light. Sarah was kind of surprised when I suggested we shoot a few portraits under the hotel since it was mostly concrete and clutter. But it had the nicest light. The picture above is great for a lot of reasons, but as a photographer I want to make sure I also get shots like these. In the end Sarah trusted me and I hope she will think it paid off.

We didn't have enough time for a ladies portrait before the ceremony but we were lucky enough to still have some sunset left afterward. It was windy and a little chilly, but these girls were real troopers!

Just before the ceremony started, the sun was low enough for a few direct-light portraits. Harsh direct light can be unflattering at times, but if used correctly it can recreate that old Hollywood glam look.

Sarah and Nick play around before walking over to the ceremony.

All the guests will surely remember these amazing orchids and what they symbolized.

A perfect sunset provided the backdrop for the ceremony. And this sailboat was the icing on the cake.

Sarah and Nick pose for a shot under the bamboo canopy as they sky takes on that great post-sunset glow.

A slow shutter speed blurs the couple as they stroll to the reception

The reception was held right out on the beach.

As the guests ate dinner, I visited the bamboo canopy to capture a long exposure shot of it. The bamboo is lit by the moon and the lights from the hotel/reception. This gives you a pretty good indication of the wind that night.

And finally the happy couple makes their grand exit as the guests shower them with fire-balls, I mean sparklers. Geez, I thought I was going to catch on fire!

Congratulations Sarah and Nick! I had a blast at your super beachy wedding. Thanks for having Tampa Photo cover your day!

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