Shelly and Chris, Ybor Italian Club Wedding

Congratulations Shelly and Chris! These two were married at Christ the King Church and had a lovely reception at the L'Unione Italiana aka the Italian Club in Ybor. It was a wonderful day with only a few drops of rain.

We'll start with Shelly. Here she poses on the first floor of the Italian Club. There was some great ambient light bouncing around and I really liked the look of the light coming down the stairs. But the window light on our level wasn't bright enough. A flash is used to mimic natural window light.

The guys were ready for some photos before the ceremony so I was able to walk around the church with Chris and experiment with some cool setups.

The ceremony was very nice, but this moment struck me as exceptionally sweet. The kids shuffled to the ends of the aisles to get a good look as the couple receives a blessing.

Churches tend to have difficult lighting situations for formals. Balancing my flash to the ambient stained glass window ensures a nice background. And while it can be a pain to carry and set up umbrellas, they make all the difference in situations like this.

After the ceremony, we strolled around outside the reception location before the light disappeared. Shelly hams it up amid some traditional Ybor scenery.

Shelly works it as Chris gazes from afar.

The rain swept in just long enough to chase us inside. It was time to head in to the party anyway! What a nice guy.

As the girls work to bustle Shelly's dress, Chris pauses for a few quick portraits by the window.

I love it when the guests sit down to eat right at that perfect twilight hour so I can run outside and get some location shots.

A final parting shot of the cake. Carefully controlling the ambient and flash exposures allows me to highlight the cake, get that nice cool window background and remove all the other distracting elements in the room.

Congratulations Shelly and Chris! You know how to throw quite a party! Everybody was great; you two, your families and all of your friends! It was a pleasure to shoot your wedding. Thanks for having Tampa Photo there to capture all those special memories on film and video!

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Anonymous said...

The cake picture is so awesome--the lighting, the colors, the window--it all comes together nicely.