Heather and Jason, Powell Crosley Wedding

Heather and Jason were married at the fabulous Powell Crosley Estate in Sarasota. This place is a photographer's dream with all the cool original architecture and woodwork details. I actually had to leave early as I got real sick (like the rest of my family). It's a good thing I left because on the way home I found myself on the shoulder of I-75 wondering if I should call 911 or not. And then I got reacquainted with some food I had previously eaten. I'll spare you the rest of the details. Anyway.....I at least made it through most of the wedding and got some good stuff. Luckily, I was second shooting for Kevin so he was able to stay and finish.

Here's the dress hung up in the room where Heather was getting ready.

Heather has some fun with her girls beore the boys arrive.

Jason hangs out in the background while Kevin focuses on Heather.

A flash makes Heather "pop" out of the frame

A flash from the side gives some edge definition to Heather.

Heather and Jason have some fun after the ceremony.

This fun-loving couple decided to toast the occasion with Corona instead of champagne. Backlighting them makes the beverages glow and stand out in the frame.

Congratulations Heather and Jason. Sorry I had to bail a little early, but trust me, you did not want me anywhere near your wedding! Best of luck to you both!

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