Krissy and Clay, Hollis Garden Wedding

Krissy and Clay got married in Lakeland which always offers some cool shooting locations. The reception was held at the Hollis Garden. Luckily, we've shot there several times so we know a lot of the good spots. I was second-shooting for Kevin. To make good use of our time, I took the guys out and Kevin went to some different locations with the girls. Let's dive right in.

Mirror Lake near downtown has these great stone and metal archways that make a great backdrop. The guys hanging out back there add a special touch while allowing the groom to be the star of the show.

Since Kevin and I split up the guys and gals, we each had plenty of time. This allowed us to use some of Hollis Gardens' settings, like this "grotto."

These next four are pretty similar, but I couldn't decide which one or two to post, so you're getting them all. Kevin was setting them up and I was shooting from secondary angles with slightly different lighting to give the couple more depth and variety in their images.

I've been using this technique a fair amount lately, but it works. A flash from the side increases the contrast in this image. Soft and even light is great and flattering but I'm drawn to these shots that "pop" with a little added contrast. This lighting is very "50's glamour" which works great with her veil and hairdo.

A groomsman poses with his cigar at the reception. This is all available light. The sharp backlight separates him from the background and really makes the shot.

I know it sounds like a great idea to light a whole bunch of sparklers at once to save time. Unfortunately, they tend to feed off each other and cause an inferno that is very capable of hurting someone. Click on the photo for a better view of the expression on the face of the girl to the left.

The sparklers get tamed to a normal level before the couple makes their grand exit.

Congratulations Krissy and Clay! Thanks for allowing so much time for photos! We think you'll be very happy! Best of luck to you in the future.

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