Michelle and Mark, Florida Aquarium Wedding

Michelle and Mark recently tied the knot at the Florida Aquarium. I always love shooting there because it presents so many opportunities along with the challenges of shooting inside a tough environment.

We started out with the girls getting ready at their hotel. We were so busy looking at room numbers, I almost missed the giant "THE BRIDAL SUITE" sign.

Michelle stops for a few quick shots in the cool hotel lobby.

I wish we had more time (like always). There are tons of cool side lobbies and sitting areas to use as shooting locations.

We caught up with Mark once we got to the aquarium.

In addition to the typical aquarium scenery, this place has lots of cool lighting and colorful displays that convinced us to stop even though we were already running behind. It was totally worth it!

The ceremony took place in front of the huge main tank.

They definitely had one of the coolest wedding cakes I had ever seen.

Mark gets some attention on the dance floor (they always seem to pay more attention once you're taken, huh Mark?).

All roads lead to Michelle and Mark's future together.

Congratulations Michelle and Mark! Any wedding blessed by a sea turtle is sure to be full of good fortune and happiness. Best of luck from Tampa Photo!

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