Big Boy Andrew

While in South Carolina, we met up with our good friend Kelly who just happens to have a handsome son the same age as Vanessa. We took some nice studio shots, but the patience of a two year old doesn't allow for too much of that, and we ended up just hanging out and shooting with the flow.

Look at that smile!

Andrew has this awesome custom mural in his room and I immediately knew I wanted to make a portrait of him in front of it. I've never seen a two year old take directions so well. He would sit down, stand up, move closer, whatever I asked him to do.

I took a few minutes to set up an impromptu high-key studio setup and we got to work.

Of course, Vanessa got jealous that daddy was taking pictures of another kid so she had to get in on the action for a few shots.

Andrew feeds Kelly some goldfish (hey, whatever keeps him entertained).

Andrew busts a move for momma.

Soon enough it was time to burn some energy outside. Andrew revs up his hog with the neighbor kids.

Panning with Andrew helps give the image a sense of motion.

Andrew passes the basketball to Kelly.

Finally, mother and son stop for a moment on the steps of the front porch.

It was great seeing you Kelly and Andrew, and I had a blast taking these photos. It was too fun watching the little ones flirting with each other!

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