Vanessa's Birthday Photo Shoot

Last week was Vanessa's second birthday. We managed to take a few photos during the party, but we're always so busy it's tough to get more than a few quick snaps. Maybe Vanessa will post those photos to her blog soon (she's been slacking lately). Later in the evening, when we had more time, Vanessa sat down with Mama for as long as a two-year old surrounded by new toys can be expected to sit still.

This was just a light test when I was setting things up, but it ended up being one of her best poses.

Mama jumps in for a few photos.

The two girls ham things up.

Between periods of goofiness, Vanessa can be full of love.

So much love.

Singing songs was the only way to hold Vanessa's attention.

Vanessa was done with photos and acting fussy so we used the oldest trick in the parent book and just started shooting without her. Soon, she wanted to be part of the action again.

Come on Vanessa, show us your teeth. Well, you didn't have to point to them, but that's OK.

Too cute.

Vanessa is ready for her closeup.

Vanessa poses with her awesome new super-soft gorilla from Aunt Christine.

Counting to ten never looked so fun.

Things were easier with Mama behind me holding her attention.

Happy Birthday Vanessa! It's amazing to think about all that's happened in the last two years. In case anyone wants to be reminded of what was going on exactly two years ago, you can read all about it here:


Naomi said...

Oh my gosh, I know I'm extremely prejudiced, but I love the results of this photo shoot! The shots of Vanessa and Karen together are particularly nice. Why weren't there some father-daughter shots,too? In these photos Vanessa is really starting to look like Karen.

Colleen said...

THANK! THANKS! THANKS! You made our Thanksgiving! We love the pictures of beautiful Vanessa! Thank You for thinking of us. Have a great Thanksgiving. We will be in FL. in February and we hope to see your beautiful baby girl.
Colleen and Roger