Lisa and Morgan Family Portraits

Whew, it's been busy and I have some catching up to do. Let's go back to mid-April and take a look at some photos from the session with Lisa and her daughter Morgan. I set up a high-key studio even though I knew it would probably be easier (and mandatory) to just follow Morgan around. You try to keep a two year old in one spot!

Some cool symmetry.

Like mommy, like daughter.

A little peek-a-boo to keep Morgan entertained.


Mommy's turn to play a little peek-a-boo.

Sure enough, Morgan preferred to run around the house. Luckily, she kept wandering into nice light long enough to snap a few shots.

When Morgan wouldn't cooperate, we just showed her how fun it was to take photos without her. Sure enough, she wanted back in on the action in no time.

There was the coolest beam of light streaming in through the kitchen window. Morgan agreed to sit on a a stool in the perfect spot for a few precious images.

Too cute.

I am very happy with these images and I love the mix of studio portraits and casual shots. Thanks to both of you for cooperating and managing to successfully complete a session with a toddler!

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Naomi said...

These pictures are wonderful. Of course it helps when both the models are so pretty. Lisa should be very happy with these--what a nice keepsake.