Adam and Elissa

Adam and Elissa were married in early May up in South Carolina. Adam is my brother-in-law so the event was a big family affair for me. It was great getting up there to see some family, especially since this visit was more meaningful than just a regular trip.

Elissa and the girls took their time getting ready at the Aquarius Spa in Chapin.

The rings are tied to the pillow before the ceremony.

These custom water bottles were a great touch.

The girls still needed a few extra minutes to get ready, so I took Adam outside for a some photos.

The amazing flowers at the ceremony site made for a great backdrop for a detail shot of the programs.

Elissa is backlit during the ceremony.

A family hug is shared after pouring the unity sand.

The newly married couple poses for some quick shots.

A group shot of the family after the ceremony.

The cake was gorgeous. Usually, mirrors just cause problems for photos, but I was able to find an angle that I liked.

The John Wesley Satterfield Band played the reception and kept everyone dancing. I had fun with a few photos of the group and tried to capture the energetic mood.

It was getting pretty dark, but we squeezed a few more shots in before dusk completely disappeared.

The final parting shot before Adam and Elissa head off on their honeymoon.

Congratulations Adam and Elissa! You guys are really great for each other and we are all wishing you the best of luck for many happy years to come. Thanks for thinking of me to capture the many memories made on this day.

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