Julia and Eric, A La Carte Event Pavilion, Tampa Photo Wedding

Julia and Eric were married at the A La Carte Event Pavilion in Tampa in May. Tampa Photo covered the event with two shooters. I was backing Kevin up. You can check out their engagement photos on the Tampa Photo blog, shot by Kevin in Ybor.

We began the day at the Marriott Waterside where the bridal party was getting ready. Julia pauses for a moment after getting her dress on.

I enjoy second-shooting, but it can be tough to find a unique shot when the lead is setting things up. I strive to find an interesting angle or unique lighting setup to give the bride and groom a diverse collection of photos. It can be easy to fall into the habit of just shooting the same thing as the lead shooter from a slightly different angle.

A benefit of having two shooters is that I can work with the subject while Kevin plans and sets up his next shot - no wasted time!

Eric takes a moment before his "first look" of Julia.

The hotel lobby is always great for photos. We usually don't shoot in this area because it's always full of people. I got lucky with this shot.

The staff at the A La Carte always does a great job with decorations.

Big windows on the other side of the room provide a soft yet directional light source for this portrait of Julia.

Group hug immediately after the ceremony. I always love images taken just a few moments after the ceremony when the bridal party is tucked away in some room and everyone is very emotional. Again, with two shooters, one person can stay at the ceremony and finish the recessional shots while the other follows the bride and groom into seclusion for those first real photos as a married couple.

The rain broke long enough for us to head out onto the dock for a few portraits.

Back inside, Julia and her mother share a very special moment during a song performed by a loved one.

I'm always a sucker for cool sky shots.

I love it when I leave a venue at that perfect time to snap a great location shot.

Congratulations Julia and Eric! You guys were good sports as we shot at more than three locations! Thanks for choosing Tampa Photo to be there to cover your special day.

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