Kathryn & Leo Holiday Portraits

Kathryn and Leo asked me to  photograph their holiday portraits for the third year in a row.  It's been fun getting to see Leo every year as he grows.  We headed downtown St. Pete with the intent to find some cool urban settings and a plan to catch some Christmas lights in the park.

I don't know; there could have been a board meeting happening inside this office but it was a complete mirror to us.

Exactly what we were looking for.

Focused on just Leo for a bit.

OK everybody, lick your chops on three.  Good boy.

Everybody in the tree!  I love it.

This would be their album cover.

"My tree."

I had a blast running around with Leo.  Here he is, swallowed by the banyan tree.

Snuck into the Vinoy for a lobby shot.

It was pretty dark by the time we made it to the Christmas lights but we rallied for some festive images.

There it is; another year in the bag.  Thanks for choosing me to capture these images and special thanks to Leo for hoofin it across da burg in brand new Chucky Ts.

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