Thanksgiving Family Photos - Fort De Soto Campground

The Sutton/Atherton/Meyer clan gathered at the Fort De Soto campground to celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend.  Due to group size and logistics, we decided to try and shoot in the immediate vicinity of their campsite.  At first glance, I wasn't loving the options but we managed to find plenty.

 Grandparents and grandkids.

 After getting the big groups, we broke it down by family while still using the seagrapes background.

 We were setting up the shot you'll see next and this lone child fisherman provided a nice image.

Pretty nice available light from over the water; but a flash from behind the kids gives a nice texture.  An added bonus is that the boat in the background was made by hand by some of the family members.

OK kids, get your wiggles out now.  Go crazy for five minutes and then be ready to sit still for the next half hour.

 "Wow, look at those kids.  How come our kids don't act like that?"

"Oh, never mind."

We even had enough time to manage individual portraits for all the kids.

The other family members begged me to capture this.  Sorry Caleb.

Just the girls.

Boys will be boys.

 I've seen worse spots for skippin shells.

Once we were all done, I loitered at the campsite a minute to look for fun moments like this one.


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Angela M said...

Thanks so much for taking wonderful pictures, and for the CD! Our last family picture together was great too, but ended up being shown around the world after our accident. It's nice to have a new one with everyone looking so happy and healthy! :) Happy Holidays to you and your family!
~Angie Meyer