Karen Maternity

My wife Karen is about 5 months pregnant and has recently developed quite a "baby bump." I am really looking forward to making lots of images over the next 4 months. These were from yesterday. We were meeting my parents for dinner at Woody's on the beach and arrived a little early. So we scooted over to Upham Beach for a few quick beach shots. I am including these particular images because they show how two different techniques can produce very separate results, even though the pose, location, time of day, and ambient light were all the same.

I love this image because the sun and clouds provide such a dynamic background. I also think the sea oats help to frame the subject, while providing a reference to the beach location. Oh yeah, that is a flower in her hair, not a really big ear!

This image is a little softer. Most photographers these days would automatically increase the contrast and saturation to make it "pop." But I think muted colors and diffused light (from that cloudy sky) contribute to the overall calm and tranquil feel of the image. What really makes this shot is Karen's pose. I set her general body position so the sun would provide a nice accent light to her shape, then asked her to keep changing it up a little bit any way that felt natural. What a great model!
Thanks Karen for dealing with 90 degree heat while pregnant! Geez, and I complain about carrying camera gear around! Remember ladies, being pregnant is a beautiful thing that will be gone before you know it. A maternity shoot is a great way to preserve memories of that special time for years to come. The new arrival will also get a kick out of seeing his or her first "baby" pictures some day. To schedule a maternity shoot, or for more information, email me.

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