Keep it coming!

Recently, I mentioned Florida's drought situation and the coming of the summer rains. They are starting to trickle in, although not with the frequency or duration that we need. As a few drops fell last night, I peeked out my front door to find this fella clinging to our window. Even though he is a cuban tree frog, it is nice to see some wildlife around. This is a non-native invasive species that pushes out Florida's native green tree frog.

This frog was pretty large. The light from my front porch light was not bright enough to get a steady photo. Time to use some creative flash! A short trip inside, a tripod, a flash, and one step-ladder later... I didn't like how his toe-pads were cut off by the frame on the left, so I recomposed the image and shot it again. Unfortunately, that image was not as sharp, so this was the keeper.
A close-up. Frog eyes are amazing close-up.

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