Photo Assignment Class

I recently took a "Photo Assignments" class at the St. Pete Arts Center. The Arts Center is a great local organization doing lots for area artists and the whole community. This particular class was taught by Beth Reynolds, a very talented photographer with a gift for teaching. Tonight was the grand opening for two new exhibits at the Arts Center, and as a bonus, images from our class were going to be projected on to one of the gallery walls. Unfortunatley, I was unable to attend the opening, but I still thought it would be worthwhile to post my images.

The theme of this project was to "connect 5" meaning choose 5 images that can be connected in some way. We didn't necessarily choose our best or favorite images, but instead the class worked together to find 5 connected photos. It turns out that all my images are from an evening shooting in downtown Gulfport. Most of these images were shot with the assignment to capture two colors next to each other. And since lots of my weekly work involves people, I was instructed to show only images with no people. Kinda tough for a wedding photographer!

These images will also be hung upstairs in the hallway of the Arts Center, so if you are ever, check them out!

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