More Vanessa Pics

OK, you asked for it. Back by popular demand: more pictures of Vanessa. She is now three months old! I can't believe it.

Here is the birth announcement we sent out. There are templates you can use at online photo labs but I prefer a custom design that fits the style of pictures that are being used.
Here are some of the other images from the same photo shoot. What a peaceful little angel.

(insert your own funny caption here)
We love this image. We let my mom throw this one in with her Christmas cards this year.

My brother Mark and his wife Leah came down to visit and enjoyed snuggling with their new niece.

Mommy grabbed the camera so daddy and daughter could get a shot together. (Vanessa's first thanksgiving)

Three generations. Karen's mom came down to visit and there were plenty of special moments to capture.

Here they are out in the backyard.

So peaceful.

Mommy giving little V a kiss.

And here is little Miss Claus all decked out for the holidays. (I couldn't resist!)

There are still plenty of pics to come so stay tuned. All I have to do is find time to post them!

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Billy said...

Great photography of a great subject!