Farmer Gray's 1st Birthday

You may recall Grayson from his first photos here or his newborn photos here. Now, it's time for his first birthday party and that means farm animals.

The birthday boy takes a spin.

Dad takes a lap with Grayson.

Little boys; overalls.

Hey, you're not a horse!

It's my birthday and I'll smile if I want to.


Look here Grayson, this is how grandpa does it.

I asked ALL THE KIDS to line up. The girls went right up there in perfect position. The boys, not so much.

This is pretty much perfection. If you'll look, you'll see a nosepick, a scream, a blink, a miss (he's foot made the frame) and one perfect birthday boy in front looking right at the camera!


The family.

Grandpa's under there somewhere.

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