Women Build: First Build Day

This Saturday was the first build day for the Women Build project (check out the blurb about Saturday's build here). From now on, volunteers will be working at the site every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday until the house is complete. I was there to capture some images and audio to document the experiences of Pam, the future homeowner. Pam worked alongside the women volunteers to build the house that she and her two sons will call home. You can learn more about this documentary project by clicking here.

Homeowner Pam is seen through one of the insulating concrete forms (ICFs). The ICFs replace cinder blocks in the construction of the walls. The ICFs are light enough to carry, and the end result is stronger and more energy efficient than traditional construction.

Three volunteers transport lumber across the build site.

Pam shares a laugh with Paula Van Law, the Chair of the Women Build Steering Committee. Since the HFH process takes several months or more, homeowners typically forge close relationships with staff and volunteers. Due to various setbacks, including permitting delays, this project has been in the works for almost a year. The first build day is a welcome achievement.

Pam holds a piece of the window box steady while a volunteer cuts it to the right length.

A major theme of Women Build is empowerment. HFH takes pride in introducing women to tools and jobs that some may view as intimidating. This photo captures that theme. I underexposed this image slightly to emphasize the flying sparks.

Pam takes a break and rehydrates with a few other volunteers.

Volunteers eat lunch as they listen to Pam and learn a little bit about her experiences in the HFH process.

There were plenty of opportunities to make a shot highlighting the back of the Women Build shirts. You can click on it for a slightly larger size, but it reads "As girls We Played House, As women We Build Them."

Pam carries some construction material past stacks of the ICFs.

In coordination with the Women Build project, Lowes was running instructional seminars for women throughout the day.

Plenty of media showed up to cover the event and I plan on doing a second post specifically on them and their role in Pam's experience. Look for that later this week! Click here to see Channel 10's story.

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