Women Build - Intro

I have started a long term photojournalism documentary project that will follow a family through the entire "Habitat for Humanity" process. Using both photography and audio recordings, I hope to produce a multimedia presentation that will successfully convey the feelings and emotions experienced by the homeowner. The final audio slideshow will be similar to those seen on newspaper's web sites. My first attempt at this sort of multimedia photojournalism can be seen here.

Many Habitat stories are worth telling, but some stand out. The Pinellas HFH web site describes Women Build this way:
"The Women Build project is part of a nationwide program that encourages the involvement of women in the construction of Habitat for Humanity homes. Women Build empowers women to actively address the problem of children living in poverty housing by building safe, healthy homes where children and families can flourish. This project also provides an environment in which women can feel comfortable learning skills they might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn."

I will be posting sample images throughout the project. A link on the sidebar will automatically return only blog entries related to the project. Or you can use this link: http://ericvichich.blogspot.com/search/label/womenbuild

The "Hammers and Heartstrings" event that benefits Women Build took place this past weekend so I will be posting a few images soon.

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