Women Build: Media

As I follow Pam through the Habitat for Humanity process, my goal is to accurately represent her experiences through images, and eventually audio. I have a few ideas in my mind as to how I think the process will unfold, but for the most part I am just along for the ride, using a camera to place others in the shoes of a Habitat homeowner.

I kind of knew that homeowners end up in the spotlight, but the media presence at Saturday's build stood out as a part of the experience worth documenting. I hope this series of images will give you, the viewer, a little glimpse into one aspect of being a Habitat homeowner.

Pam is tracked by a news videographer as she carries some construction debris to the dumpster.

Pam speaks with a reporter from Channel 10. Sets of the ICFs can be seen in the background.

A videographer from another station gets a shot of Pam driving screws into a window box frame.

A third news videographer interviews Pam while the rest of the volunteers take a lunch break.

After eating, the volunteers return to work. Pam finds a moment to grab some food while discussing siding options with Jamie, Pinellas HFH's Communications Director.

There probably won't be many "Women Build" posts for a while. Future posts will mainly be from the build site, but hopefully we will also get a glimpse into Pam's life when she's not in the spotlight.

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