Amy and Randy, Don Vincente Wedding

It was back to the Don Vincente de Ybor a few weekends ago to photograph Amy and Randy's wedding. These two were great fun and real easy to shoot. Let's dive right in.

This was one of the few posed shots I got of the two of them together. Amy was patient with me but Randy wasn't down with being my model all day so for the most part I let them just enjoy their day as I captured moments as they happened.

The Don Vincente has a really cool lobby (where the ceremonies are held too) that we used to get some nice photos before too many guests arrived.

Randy allowed me just a few minutes to snap some quick shots of him outside in the nice light.

We let Randy go and relax while Amy and I wandered the hotel looking for cool photos to make. While doing some nice soft window-light portraits the clouds shifted and let some direct sunlight in. At first I thought we'd have to give up and find a new location, but then I kind of liked the way the narrow beam of light was highlighting her face.

Luckily, Amy and Randy's love for each is very evident and getting nice photos of them interacting naturally was a piece of cake.

Amy and Randy leave the ceremony and retreat upstairs. I really like the balance between the flash and the ambient upstairs light in this shot. Also, the two strong sets of leading lines draws your attention right to the couple.

While doing my first edit I breezed right by this image. But after going back and looking at it I started to really like it. It's a nice enough picture of the officiant congratulating the father of the groom, but the moment being shared by Ryan and Amy in the background give the image some extra depth.

One of the many moments where it seemed that Amy and Ryan were the only two people at the wedding.

Ryan did allow one more posed shot before the night was over. Amy's parents have a picture from their wedding of her father helping her mother down some stairs. We did our best to recreate the shot.

Congratulations Amy and Ryan! It's obvious you two love each other very much and I know it will show in your pictures. Thanks for allowing me and Tampa Photo to be a part of your special day.

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