Sisters Shoot

These four sisters are now spread out all over the country (and the world) but they met up at Pass-a-Grille Beach recently to celebrate one's birthday (Happy Birthday Linda Lee!). You met Linda Lee's husband Zack a while back when I took some photos for his company Creative Concrete (check out my photos on his updated website).

They thought this would be a good time to have some good photos taken of all of them together. Things got a little dicey because there was a huge storm blowing in and carrying two cameras and a flash on an 8' metal stand isn't the best idea when you keep seeing lightning flash in the distance. Luckily, we got plenty of shots in before the storm arrived.

We started at the cool little beach house they were renting.

A flash coming from the right side provides the perfect amount of fill to make the girls "pop" out from the rest of the scene. This shot is very similar to the one above, but I like this composition better. However, I thought the one with all of them looking at the camera would be a better introduction.

We braved the winds to get a few quick shots on the beach.

Black-and-white works really well for a lot of these images because of the emotions and moments shared by the sisters. But the vibrant colors at most of the locations made it a tough decision.

On the way back from the beach we stopped at Shadrack's, a favorite watering hole for the locals.

Again, a subtle amount of flash is used to draw your attention to the subjects.

We ended up back at the house and used the cool front porch for some more shots. The sister on the far right is pregnant and Linda Lee just naturally placed her hand like that while they were talking.

We went inside to get some more traditional group portraits. Inside I was able to control the light a little bit more.

Of course we had to highlight the pregnant sister in a few images.

And one last image of the sisters doing what they do best.

I had a fun time walking around with these ladies and just letting them be themselves. I was honored to be the one they chose to capture these memories in photos.

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